Auctioneers Turn to Podcasts to Educate Public

August 20, 2018
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United Country Real Estate’s Auction Services (UCAS) recently launched their own podcast in an effort to educate and inform...

It’s no secret that people are getting busier and busier and using technological advances to maintain their busy lifestyle. Information is now available at our fingertips, which has made auctioneers become more tech savvy in order to educate and market to the public. Podcasts are quickly becoming a popular way to get information to the public. A podcast is a digital audio file on the internet that is available for download or streaming on a computer, cellphone or tablet.

A quick Google search shows multiple auction companies and public organizations launching podcasts about the auction industry, including National Public Radio. United Country Real Estate’s Auction Services (UCAS) recently launched their own podcast in an effort to educate and inform not only fellow auctioneers and real estate agents, but also the public.

Their podcast features industry-leading professionals in straight talk discussions regarding both real estate and auction industries. “Our podcast show shines a light on important topics that drive our profession like regulation changes, marketing techniques, technology advancements, training and education. We also add the latest news and trends in the real estate and auction industry,” said Shawn Terrel, President of United Country Auction Services. “Podcasts are following the technology jump that the auction industry is going through from live auctions to online-only auctions and bidding platforms.”

Statistics are showing that digital platforms like podcasts are gaining strength over the past few years as the average consumer becomes busier and more technologically savvy. There’s even an International Podcast Day in September each year. It also creates another way businesses can market or sell to their clients in addition to traditional marketing platforms like social media, blogs, TV, print advertising and email marketing. “People are always on the move in today’s society, so it’s important that we’re hitting them from all angles,” said Terrel. “

With podcasts, they can hear your message in their car, while working out or traveling. It also gives clients the flexibility and customization to be informed how and when they want to listen. The younger audience can listen from their cellphone or iPod and even the older folks can easily adopt the skills to listen whenever they want.”

Listen to Terrel and his co-host, Trina Turner, executive assistant for UCAS, on their podcast called “The Sale Ring” by clicking here.

Learn more about The Sale Ring by visiting their website at