Sharing Expertise in Specialty Property Types

May 11, 2010
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With industry leaders like ours on board, every agent in our network now has a panel of experts at their fingertips at all times...

United Country has been the place to search for specialty properties for years. Our agents are experts in all types of properties, from waterfront to historic to recreational to commercial, and our website allows users to search by property type. But in the past few months, we’ve worked hard to improve our service even more. Last week we talked about changes we’ve made for buyers beginning their real estate searches online, and this week we’re going to talk about changes we’ve made for our agents and sellers. It’s one thing to say that our agents are experts. It’s another to show you how we make that happen.

We’ve known for a long time that the power of the United Country system largely lies in our network – the connections between our affiliates across the nation. And now we’re putting that network to use when it comes to specialty properties. Helping affiliates share their knowledge and experience in niche properties just makes sense in a national network like ours. So in an effort to provide our more than 4,000 sales associates the most relevant advice and up-to-date information about the various types of specialty properties they sell, we have created Specialty Property Groups.

Through a national director and intranet site dedicated to each specific property type – such as recreational, waterfront, farm and ranch, and timberland – these specialty property groups provide marketing tools, property type information, case studies and more to all United Country agents to help them successfully sell more niche properties.

In addition, specialty property group national directors will train, coach, provide advice and potentially help on important listings. The national director position is key to this program, and its duties include advising United Country brokers and agents, monitoring the specialty group discussion board on the company’s intranet and providing relevant articles, case studies, statistics and industry reports for the specialty group library.

“We sought out the most knowledgeable professionals in the nation to head up our specialty property groups,” said Dan Duffy, chief executive officer of United Country. “With industry leaders like ours on board, every agent in our network now has a panel of experts at their fingertips at all times. Making information, advice and more available to our affiliates will undoubtedly improve customer service and increase our number of successful transactions.”
United Country is already the leader is niche markets across the nation, from coastal homes to farms to recreational property to timberland. With this initiative, we are simply using the power of our national network by putting our collective expertise to work for all of our affiliates. Following is a sample list of some our specialty groups, with more to come in the near future: Bed & Breakfast / Lodges, Coastal Property, Commercial Real Estate, Desert Property, Development Land, Equine Property, Farms for sale, Ranch Property, Ag property, Golf Property and homes,  Historic property, Hotels & Motels, Lakefront homes, Log Homes & Cabins, Luxury real estate, Mountain property, Recreational and hunting property, REO / Foreclosure, Resort, and Timberland. 

Are you an agent trying to sell a specialty property? Could you use expert insight about exactly the type of property you’re selling? Or are you a real estate owner looking for the most knowledgeable agent to sell your type of property? How can our Specialty Property Groups work for you?