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December 29, 2023
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Learn all the basic facts about wildfires and how to take care of your land.

Basic Facts About Wildfires

Wildfires have always been a global concern due to their destructive impact. Climate change, warmer temperatures, and urbanization have contributed to the increasing frequency, severity, and duration of wildfires. The number of wildfires in the United States has been steadily strengthening over the last few decades. Although some wildfires naturally occur and help keep forest ecosystems healthy, many are caused by human-related errors.

Adequate measures for prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery are essential in mitigating the physical and human costs associated with wildfires.

What are Wildfires?

Wildfires are large, uncontrolled, and potentially destructive fires that often affect less populated areas in the wildland vegetation. From grasslands to forests and savannas, the fires spread quickly and change direction, making them really difficult to contain. All wildfires have significant impacts on wildlife and impose substantial economic costs.

From wildlife habitat destruction to the displacement of species, and loss of biodiversity, wildfires generally have a devastating impact on many ecosystems. They often destroy vegetation that serves as food sources for animals, leading to a decline in their populations. The smoke produced by wildfires can cause respiratory issues in wildlife, bringing in long-term negative effects.

In terms of economic costs, wildfires can result in property damage, loss of infrastructure, and disruption to various industries such as agriculture and tourism. The expenses associated with firefighting efforts and post-fire recovery further contribute to the economic burden.

How do Wildfires Form?

Natural causes include lightning strikes, volcanic eruptions, and the accumulation of dry vegetation.

Human activities account for 84% of wildfires and unfortunately, these are often caused by arson, unattended campfires, discarded cigarettes, and equipment sparks. Two of the 2018 massive California wildfires were caused by sparks during dry and hot weather.

Once ignited, wildfires can have significant impacts on ecosystems as the intense heat from a wildfire can cause soil erosion and damage the nutrient cycle within the ecosystem

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